The Truth About Appliance Repair

Appliance repair for major appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, is an inexpensive solution for getting additional value from your appliance investment. Although repairs often run over $100, the cost of a new appliance can easily run $400 for a washing machine to $4,000 or more – much more – for a top of the line appliance.

A good rule of thumb is that, if the repair cost is less than 50% of the cost of replacement, make the repair. But this is only a ‘rule of thumb’ and it is on a per customer basis.

There are some exceptions to this. If the machine has already had several repairs which total more than the current cost of an equivalent replacement and is nearing the end of its expected lifetime, it may make more sense (funds allowing) to just go ahead and replace it.

In other words, if you are repairing a top of the line appliance, compare all the costs of the repairs over its lifetime with the current up to date top of the line appliance from the same manufacturer. If your major appliance would normally last 20 years or so and you are nearly there, or even beyond, replacement might be a reasonable option.

Another thing to consider is this: if another appliance repair will give it a few more years of life and its appearance is still OK, then it may be worth it to make the current repair and begin setting funds aside for an upgraded model in the future.

While DIY appliance repair may seem like a simple and easy way to save money, fixing a major appliance – especially with today’s electronic controls – can be a lot more complex, irritating and costly than first appearance may suggest. If you get in over your head, stop the repair and call a service company. The risks to your appliance and, more importantly, your family, are too great to be trying to figure it out on your own.

Or, better yet, leave your pliers in the toolbox and get the job done right the first time by calling a professional appliance service company.

So, if the drier is making a thump-thump-thump-boom-boom-boom noise, the dishwasher is leaking like the Deshutes River or your fridge is sitting there silent (and warm), don’t automatically assume that it’s time for a new appliance.

If your major appliance isn’t doing what it should, a professional repair is nearly always less expensive and more effective than a DIY repair because your appliance professional knows how to handle the energy hazards involved. They know how to make the repair correctly, the first time, without adding any additional damage unlike a DIY repair, their work should be guaranteed.

Finally, the last point is really important. Many electrical parts cannot be returned after installation and, once the seal on the package is opened, it is considered to have been installed correctly. That means that, even if a part is not the one you needed, incorrectly packaged (right label, wrong part) or just defective, you are unfortunately stuck with it. A properly trained appliance repair technician will make the correct diagnosis from the start, obtain the right part (if needed) and guarantee the results.

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